Upcoming Events

Join us on the 18th August for an after-work Picnic on Margit-sziget. 


Our preliminary schedule is the following: at 5:30pm we will meet at the picnic site and soon afterwards those of you who would like to join us can go for a run around the island (5.5km, around 30 minutes). We will be at the picnic site until 7:30pm (or longer) - we will make a round of Pimms for everyone and have strawberries and some drinks. If you would like to bring a drink or some snacks with you, you are very welcome.

GPS coordinates: 47°31'55.7"N 19°03'03.5"E

Should you attend the event, please fill out our registration form and add the event to your calendar.

HABA Picnic on Margaret Island, 18th August (google.com)


Do not hesitate to contact us at haba@haba.org.hu if you have any questions regarding the event.


We look forward to seeing you soon!